Dustin King in Locked and Literate

Dustin King

Dustin King is a serious game made in Flash to promote concepts of information literacy.  I started on this project as a gameplay engineer working in Action Script 3 (AS3) and later became the lead.  The team consisted of about 10 people while I was on it.

I started working on this during the Fall of my sophomore year of College.  This project was my first exposure to Flash and AS3. When I started working on this project I had no previous experience working with AS3, my background was in C++ and Visual Basic. My first task was to fix logical issues in part of the existing code base. I picked up the scripting language very quickly and soon moved onto creating new features. Features I worked with included creating a parser that would search through html text within text fields in Action Script 3 (AS3). The featured reworked keywords to able able to be clickable through the interface and highlight the word and any reoccurrences of the word once one was clicked. I also worked with different features within part of the interface to create various tweens and UI states in AS3. After the previous lead programmer was moved to another project, I was promoted to the position. As the lead, I was responsible to make sure the other programmers had tasks and knew how to complete them. I also communicated any issues or needs from the programming team to the art, design, and writing teams.

For more information about this project visit: http://www.champlain.edu/Emergent-Media-Center/Projects/Information-Literacy.html