Toymageddon is a game that I developed for my Production II class my junior year of College.  The game is a vertical scrolling shooter with dynamic difficulty adjustment that was constructed in Unity 3D using C#.  Out of the team of four who worked on this project, I was the only programmer. I created all of the mechanics from scratch and really enjoyed seeing the game come to life.

The game was designed to continually push you back and forth from the brink of losing to a spot where you were destroying AI.  The idea is that in a game when you are close to losing your heart is racing trying to survive.  Then, when you are winning it is fun to be unstoppable.  For this game I created three types of AI each with four different levels of difficulty.  The dynamic difficulty adjustment system waited for various conditions to be true and would then adjust the AI spawn rate as well as the weapon and health drops.  There were six different weapon types that you could pick up.  The weapons types where: bounce shot, rapid fire, standard shot, spread shot, flame thrower, laser, and explosive shots.  You could then pick up two different drops and this would combine the powers.  If you pick up spread and laser, you would then have a spread shot that would go through enemies.