Zeemote Internship

Zeemote Controller

My internship at Zeemote required me to test both software Development Kits (SDKs) as well as games to see if the met functionality standards.  I worked extensively with their JS1 controller, a Bluetooth remote control for cell phones.  Bug tracking was done through Bugzilla.  Nokia, Sony Ericsson, as well as phones from other manufactures were platforms where I tested both the SDKs and games.

Zeemote was a startup company that has since been bought. They created a wireless Bluetooth joystick that can be used to play cell phone games. To support the Zeemote JS1 controller game developers used Zeemote’s software development kit (SDK) and would then submit the game to be certified as Zeemote Ready. My role as the QA intern at the company was to work with the software team to test their SDK and ZeeKey product. I would also test the submitted Zeemote Ready games against the Zeemote Ready requirements to ensure that the submission passed. This was my first introduction to bug tracking software and I have used one on every project I have been on since.

While at this job I was able to see how a small company operates. The dynamic environment was really fun for an intern to be a part of. Because of the size of the company, I was able to interact with not only every department, but every employee at the company. I knew how everyone’s role worked and how they fit in the larger scheme of the company. I was there at an exciting time, they were launching their product for the first time.

Company Site: http://www.zeemote.com